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Bounty Island is a fun local multiplayer game (2 to 4 players) where the goal is to dig and bring back as many chests possible to your team's base. But beware, because you can also dig up bombs! You can also steal the other team's chests, hit them with your shovel to make them drop their chests, throw the bombs at them before they explode and push your enemies into the water.

Bounty Island was a game created for a game jam around the theme 'bounty'. With only three days at our disposal, we decided to create a multiplayer minigame loosely based on the mine sweeper game. Our main goal was for players to have fun and to find multiple game strategies: protecting your teammate while he digs a chest, following your opponents and stealing their chests at the last moment, targeting only difficult and rare chests...

Our team:

  • Baptiste Rey
  • Laura Bouzereau
  • Victor Delenclos
  • Clément Ramat
  • Elie Ensuque
  • Clémence Petit
  • Raphaëlle Garcia

Programmed on Unity in C# in 3 days, Jan. 11th to Jan. 13th 2020.

Install instructions

Note: the game is only playable with controllers, and you must be at least 2 to play it.


Bounty Island.zip 40 MB

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